I figure since I haven't updated this cute little internet journal of mine for so long, I will have this blog that I wrote for one of my class also be published here! I am no longer traveling around the world and staying in America for goods (at least until Christmas break when I go visit family, host family and friends in Asia!) so now I am busy with school work, work (4 jobs! fun stuff!), dancing, yoga, cooking and eating!

Here we go, my cooking fun :)

On a cold, windy day, what do you want to eat for dinner? I decided to cook something filling but not
Creamy Spinach Chicken Risotto
heavy like steak and comforting but not too light like soup for my fall break host. I eventually came to a conclusion that risotto will be the dish for the night. I have never had experience cooking risotto, but why not give it a try and have fun with it? Worse case scenario, I know that we always have an option to go to Wawa for some food later if I fail at creating this dish.
After my studying abroad experience in Florence, Italy and my cooking experience that I got from volunteering at Ganzo’s kitchen, I learned that cooking is an art and playing with food is part of the fun. Therefore, instead of following a receipt to guarantee a successful plate of risotto and be too conscious about the amount of spices and ingredients to use, I created my own risotto and put my favorite ingredients in it. In my risotto, I decided to put spinach for iron and calciumchicken for protein,mushroom for vitamin Dgarlic for vitamin Conion for dietary fiber and some white wine to bring out the taste.

Ingredients (serve 7 people):
A pack of chicken breast (or eight slices of chicken breast)
A bag of spinach
Two medium-sized yellow onions
A box of sliced mushroom
A clove of garlic
Two cans of chicken broth
One chicken broth can of arborio rice
A bag of mozzarella cheese
White wine

1. Cut the pack of chicken breast into bite-size, then season the chicken with black pepper, salt and olive oil.
Cut the chicken breast into bite-size
2. Cut the yellow onions into small pieces and start frying them in the frying pan with olive oil on medium-low heat.

3. Once the yellow onions get soft, add the chicken in the frying pan and turn the heat on medium.

4. After the chicken turned lightly brown, add into half a bag of spinach and put the heat on low. Let the spinach cooked with the onion and chicken until it soften, turn the fire off.

5. Begin smashing the clove of garlic and cutting the sliced mushroom into smaller pieces.

6. Pour a can of chicken broth into a big pot and when it comes to boiling, pour a can of arboria rice. Stir the rice once in a while and pour the second can of chicken broth along with garlic, mushroom and spinach.
Last couple steps before serving the Risotto
7. Once the chicken broth is being absorbed, add in the chicken, onion with some white wine. Start adding small amount of mozzarella while stirring the risotto until everything is added into the pot.

8. After turning off the fire, cover the pot and let the risotto sit for 20 minutes, so the steam will soften the rice.

Risotto is not a hard dish to cook as long as you are patient. 
Therefore, remember not to cook it when you are dying to eat because it won’t work that way!